Sunday, February 12, 2006

before writing anything: i am very very angry at the moment, i am going to bash the next person who comes my way. i am serious about it.

some people think they can do whatever and get away. they dont realise that i have broken three baseball bats in just bashing ppl.

university thinks we are vele log to give so many tests.

another person thinks somthing that somthing can do done away with so easily without having to explain somthing somehow to somebody in someway at sometime.

m not fucking feeling like having the fucked up food and i am being fucking forced to have it. this is so fuckingly fucked up in the face of the fucked up situation that i am in.this is horribly fucked up like a 90 yr old tryin to hump a 3 yr old and expecting a baby thereafter.

and m typing this vela blog here when i shud be compiling cover letters and doind na jaane kya kya.

think this is the end of this incoherent rant. but there is one thing for sure...i wont atleast bash heads today....*cooling down*

sorry for the nice language. i promise it wont be this good in the following posts. u all can appreciate the language. the comment feature is active for the very reason.